Saturday, December 3, 2022

What if mass actually consumes spacetime?

 Dark energy is an unknown force that is attributed to accelerating spacetime.

But what if it just seems like spacetime is stretching (the universe is expanding) because spacetime is being consumed by mass. Or even if not by mass, but the fabric sort of evaporates that gives the same effect as it stretching.

But it doesn't necessarily have a defined volume/ limit, 

*Edit* - we see quantum gravity, within larger fields of gravity. This is prevalent in how we can split solutions under varying levels of acceleration. Mud from water in short times. Blood seperation under increased pressure being spun in test tubes. Fossil fuel distillation (any dissemination process)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

cosmology problem ponderings - dark matter as the results to force of dark energy?

My understanding of the indicator of dark matter is the rotational speed of galaxies, specifically how stars further out rotate at higher speeds than what is expected from the gravity of normal matter - there is something exerting a force pulling it in, that acts like extra gravity.

Then, dark energy is a force that causes space at large scales to expand. 

If there's some force stretching space at large scales, then surely there would be a resultant counter force that pushes at smaller scales (of galaxies)? 

Probably a bad analogy, but something like a super slow time lapse of what happens after letting a firework off in a glass jar filled with tiny bubbles - after the explosion, there is a rapid outward expansion (assuming the jar has exploded) and everything is expanding outwards, but the high pressure that created the explosion created localized pressure. The bubbles in the jar (galaxies) are still experiencing pressure / compression as the expansion goes beyond the original boundary of the jar.  From an instant in time just after the explosion / jar shattering (in super slow time lapse mode), it would seem like the bubbles are heavier than what they are / spin quicker (dark matter) because of the force of the explosion on them (dark energy). 

So maybe there isn't "undetectable stuff that adds gravity", it's just the pushback of a rapidly expanding universe 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Party Games - Being social in isolation

The world is weird, let's have fun

Things are different right now. Things are changing - not for a short bit, but in ways that will leave ripples for a while. Generations. The world is experiencing a global pandemic right now and many countries and governments have encouraged or enforced isolation : avoid contact. The virus is contagious. Physical contact, sneezing & coughing or heavy breathing the wrong propinquity could get you infected. The world just cracked 1m cases of infection, and just over 50k deaths. And everyone is staying at home.

I'm sitting in a new country - relocated 3 weeks ago. South Africa, my nest, is under enforced lock down. California, which lies ahead of me, is also pretty shut down. I miss my family that isn't traveling with me (which is much more than blood). I am grateful for technology that helps keep in contact though.

Do You Like Tech?no

The weirdest thing is that while I've changed my physical presence to a new continent, I'm not any less isolated than the people I wanna keep in touch with. Everyone is staying in their homes. But we're not actually that isolated. My wife had her big TWENTY-EIGHT'th the other day (I've decided to start counting birthdays in hex from now on). A significant celebration with friends on these milestones has always been a biggie for her. She wanted connection. We had wifi.

So, on the Saturday morning, we launched a Zoom video conference room. Our family joined. Us far west. Parents and siblings, and other close friends in South Africa. More family in Germany. Nigeria. New Zealand. Neighbors [sic - we're Murican now] 3 blocks away. Camera's on. Mics on. The world really does fit into a living room. We were fortunate enough to not have anyone that needed the loo on the call.

Play on: recipe of the day (circa April 2020).

A new way to socialize is emerging. Playing game. Not just WhatsApp video calls or Zoom. But integrated social interaction. Here's a recipe that works well, and has been taken for granted. It's my suggestion to try this month:



  1. Host a Zoom call somewhere
  2. Fire up JackboxTV host. Join Zoom call if it's not the host.
  3. Share JackboxTV app + sound into the call.
  4. Every location joins the Zoom to follow the share. Big screens and loud speakers. Turn on your cam.
  5. Everyone joins the game from their phone - - follow the instructions. Every phone is a controller.
  6. Have fun.